Our team

Ben Collins

Ben Collins / CEO

Ben Collins operates primarily as a Creative Strategist within a modern digital agency, co-founded with his wife Cam Collins. His role is to craft plans, design proposals, educate clients, explore and execute viable digital and brand strategies with small and medium business.

Cam Collins / CCO

Award-winning designer/developer Cam Collins has worked in the digital field for over ten years as a designer, developer, marketing strategist, and multi-faceted creative talent. She is also the creative and technical force behind popular beauty collection website ScentBase.com.

Paul Tinsley

Paul Tinsley / CTO

Paul Tinsley is a multi-faceted developer with many years experience developing applications on a number of platforms. Formally trained as a Microsoft Developer, Paul later mastered various flavors of C in addition to the .NET platform. Today, his puts knack for multilingual coding to good use developing for Desktop OS, Android, iPhones, and even the Microsoft Kinect.

He also really hates having his picture taken.

The Camellia Network

Over the years, we have established a solid network of contacts to bring in to larger scale projects or help handle overflow. These are our friends and partner agencies. They are all in the United States, because that matters to us. Accountability, responsibility and transparency is important.