We create

  • Innovative Digital Products based on the power of the web.
  • Hand-made, beautiful, results-driven responsive and retina-ready websites built just right.
  • Custom web, cloud, and mobile tools that are powerful but easy to use.
  • Applied open source Linux platforms (WordPress, OpenCart, Magento, Drupal & more).
  • Social and mobile marketing solutions that are smart and effective, without the hype.
  • Traditional agency services that sing your song and stand out from the chorus like a solo soprano.
  • Designs you love and well written words worth sharing.

We execute

Standards. Strategy. Level-headed conversations that are as much about listening as they are about teaching. Your customer’s experience – whether browsing on an iPad or searching Google for you – drives everything we do.


  • Digital brand strategy
  • Campaign planning and deployment
  • Social strategy, planning and management
  • Search optimization
  • Localization


  • Design
  • Photography
  • Logo design and brand guidelines
  • Copy writing and editing


  • Websites and web apps
  • Mobile apps
  • Digital kiosks
  • Touch-enabled displays
  • Touchless interfaces
  • Content management systems
  • Social media integration

Agency Outsourcing

We have a proven track record of executing advanced projects for large scale agencies and high profile clients. We are Enterprise-caliber and can respect a range of demands including formal project management, approval chains, communication plans, etc.

Advanced Hosting Platform

Here’s the outline of our top-tier Linux hosting platform. It is a combination of technology, expertise, and policies we have developed in-house for over a decade:

The general principals of Camellia Digital website hosting philosophies:

1) Always be faster than your website visitor’s high-speed connection. Zero bottlenecks.

2) Never let any unknown code onto the server that you do not have complete control over and strictly maintain version control & patches .

3) Do not resell hosting or let any third party have access to the server unless in a controlled separate user / cPanel account instance.

4) Restrict SSH access to the server and control the firewall to the maximum degree possible.

To be more specific:

  • Best-in-Class American web hosting service provider: The complete list of features (the most important one being their highly trained support staff).
  • Latest-Technology hardware: We are now using solid state drives, Gigabit ethernet port, an extremely fast quad-core CPU, and plenty of high-end memory.
  • Smart, Controlled Policy Security: We are the only ones with access to the server (besides the hosting center staff). We do not re-sell or allow third parties in for any reason. All code on the server is maintained by us. 100% awareness.
  • ModSec and CSF firewall configurations that adapts to new threats.
  • Public / Private Key encryption for access.
  • We also use Location-Access Restriction (you can only get in from specific machines)
  • Local backup is nightly, retained for 7 days; one weekly backup and one monthly backup are also kept. Additionally, a managed backup service is utilized for off-site.

We can also offer scalable redundant hosting: Our system (described in above), could be duplicated and synchronized behind a load balancer.