Our work

Check out the slide show above for some of the fun projects we've been involved with recently.

We are fortunate to work with many talented and innovative entrepreneurs, organizations, and their staff. These are just a few.

  • Barter Theatre
  • Blackbird Bakery
  • Mountain Lakes Credit Union
  • Bristol Crisis Center
  • CustomSmart Solar
  • Believe in Bristol
  • eBeauty Professional
  • Miss Virginia USA

What our clients say

Ben and Cam, thank you for your herculean efforts. You guys are a true team and I'm amazed by your dedication, focus, and professionalism. Camellia Digital deliverables exceeded the Viking Booster Club's expectations from conception to completion.
— Rick Bott, President THS Viking Booster Club

Since the new website was implemented, our sales have increased substantially. I’m confident that the new website designed for us by Camellia Digital has a large impact on our increase in sales/clients. Ben an Cam worked to ensure that the website fit the Blackbird Brand, incorporating our color scheme and in-store menu boards into the website design. I think they did a superb job and hit the mark for us with this website.
— Randall Perkins, Blackbird Bakery

You know the old saying "you have to kiss a few frogs to find your prince"? I can certainly confirm that is true. I searched for months, talked to designers, hired a firm and fired a firm before I found Camellia. As far as I am concerned, they have built the perfect website. It has everything I wanted and more. It looks and functions fabulously! Cam will listen to you and build what you want exactly the way you want it. I didn't ask for anything she couldn't do. The site performs at a higher level than I could have imagined and I couldn't be happier! There is also "service after the sale"! Don’t hesitate to have Camellia Digital build your dream site!
— Debra Kennedy, Prestige Homes of the Tricities

The new Believeinbristol.org website created by Camellia Digital has taken our organization to the next level. We would not be where we are today without their efforts to improve our digital platform and personally help us improve our technology. I highly recommend their services and commitment to quality!
— Christina Blevins, Believe in Bristol